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Ebenezer Christian School was founded in 1945 by people of faith who wanted the Holy Bible to be the basis for the education of their children. We are a non-denominational school.

Ebenezer Christian Preschool was founded in 2002.  The preschool uses Zoo Phonics which is a method developed to make children strong readers at an early age.  Research supports the focus of phonics in early reading programs and has many educational benefits for the student’s future.

Our students will be using iPad’s during the school year which will be integrated into their current curriculum.    These will allow students to take advantage of teachable moments as well as have access to endless education at the touch of a finger.  The teacher will incorporate online learning in all subjects and utilize apps that are created specifically for education. 

Though we are a small school, we offer a great education in a loving environment and we strive to be an extension of the home.