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Ebenezer Christian School is an expression of a Christian philosophy of life, which brings together men's faith in God and its manifestation in his daily living.    Ebenezer Christian joins the Christian home and the Christian church in the Godly training of Christian children.  Ebenezer Christian School presents an unconditional and wholehearted commitment to the proposition that all things are of God, through God, and unto God.


It is a goal of Ebenezer Christian School to foster the students vision of themselves as God's image-bearers, having a personal relationship with Christ, assuming responsibility for stewardship toward God, the creation, and their fellow man.  An awareness of the culture in which they live, and of other cultures they may encounter in life; more important, to help each student to be a discerning critic of and a contributor to the cultures, thus developing the ability to respond as a Christian to all of life as they experience it.