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The School Board meets the first Tuesday of every month.* They are voted into office by the Ebenezer Christian School Society.  They work on Major Policy and Financial issues.  They support the staff and the Christian education that is implemented. 


*The board may reschedule to another night during the month when necessary.


  • Brieann Carey

  • Jeremy DeYoung

    Vice Chairperson
  • Samantha Jerred

    Treasurer *Non-Board Member
  • Mike Strange

  • Mike Fricke

  • Bruce Banwell

  • Shanna McCraney

  • Cary Godwin


2020-2021 Standing Committees

Education Committee:

Bruce Banwell, Ann Hazelwood, Pam Bekkering, Jody Johnson, Dori Drenth

Building & Grounds:

Mike Fricke, Jeremy DeYoung, Cary Godwin 


All Board Members 

Finance Committee:

Samantha Jerred, Ann Hazelwood, Brieann Carey

Ways & Means Committee:

Shanna McCraney, Faith DeYoung 

New Building Committee:

Pam Bekkering, Brad Carey, Theresa Drenth, Rob Essenberg, Mike Fricke, Steve Rozema, Lee Veldboom, Ralph Kooistra, Bruce Banwell

*Board Chairperson is ex officio member of all committees and shall be notified of all meetings