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The School Board meets the first Monday of every month. They are voted into office by the Ebenezer Christian School Society.  They work on Major Policy and Financial issues.  They support the staff and the Christian education that is implemented. 


  • Brieann Carey

  • Jeremy DeYoung

    Vice Chairperson
  • Samantha Jerred

  • Mike Strange

  • Mike Fricke

  • Bruce Banwell

  • Shanna McCraney


2019-2020 Standing Committees

Education Committee:

Bruce Banwell, Ann Hazelwood, Pam Bekkering, Jody Johnson, Dori Drenth

Building & Grounds:

Mike Fricke, Jeremy DeYoung, Mike Strange 


Bruce Banwell

Finance Committee:

Samantha Jerred, Ann Hazelwood, Brieann Carey

PTO Committee:

Shanna McCraney, PTO committee members as elected by the Society

New Building Committee:

Pam Bekkering, Brad Carey, Theresa Drenth, Rob Essenberg, Mike Fricke, Steve Rozema, Lee Veldboom, Ralph Kooistra, Bruce Banwell

*Board Chairperson is ex officio member of all committees and shall be notified of all meetings