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"We absolutely love having our daughter in the 3-day kindergarten at Ebenezer. We felt it was a good transition from preschool to kindergarten. It is one of the many reasons we love the school!"  -Julie Meadows

"I still often reflect on the joy and friendships from Ebenezer! Obviously the academics and spiritual life were vital to my growth, but I think a little thought of truth is the relationships that are built. We learned to interact and be close with students of different ages and different genders. We were able to talk about our faith together and learn that we are all brothers and sisters, despite our age, gender, affluence, or looks. We learned that we are united in Christ, and that has made an unimaginable difference in my life - to see the world as God's children, who are my brothers and sisters!" –Tyler Ingalls, Alumni

"Ebenezer was Awesome!! I met some of my best friends there that I still am best friends with them today! After I graduated from Ebenezer when I went to Ellsworth public school my Ebenezer Christian friends were the ones who kept me strong in my faith!! My relationship with Christ also became stronger going to Ebenezer and a lot of kids that have come out of Ebenezer have been some of the smartest kids to graduate from Ellsworth and have been Salutatorian and Valedictorian!

"Ebenezer was a great place to build my foundation with Jesus. The atmosphere got us excited about the little things like seeing how many Bible verses we could memorize or leading a group prayer. I found comfort in being able to talk freely about God as well as having the opportunity to pray with my teachers and fellow students. We always had fun together, and we all saw the school more as a family because we were so close knit not only through growing up together but by growing through God. Ebenezer was great for me starting out because once I got to the public school I knew what I believed in and I was going to defend my faith no matter what. This has all carried on through out my years. Now being at a Christian college, I appreciate even more what Ebenezer did for my relationship with the people of Ellsworth as well as my relationship with God."

"I am thankful for the time I got to spend at Ebenezer as a child because of the social and spiritual atmosphere I was always surrounded by. Students at Ebenezer all work and learn together about not only academic subjects but also spiritual development, throughout the entire school day. Because students of different ages work together continually, friendships are built with everyone which creates a friendly environment for all students as well as staff. I was extremely blessed to have attended Ebenezer Christian School, and even more blessed by the friendships I developed during my time there."–Jalyn Ingalls, Allumni