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* To bless children and their families with an excellent, Christ-centered early education where each child's learning is maximized and Jesus Christ is truly known and his presence is felt each day throughout the year.
*To provide a secure, loving and safe environment for the child's development.
* To develop a sense of wonder, appreciation and excitement about learning about God and His creation.
*To increase the child's self-image by allowing the child to make his/her own choices, decisions and activities.
* To emphasize experience rather than the final product, thus giving the child confidence and freedom to experiment.  
Making a Difference
*Ebenezer Christian Preschool is nestled in the heart of Ellsworth.  Centrally located, Ebenezer accommodates families from Atwood, Charlevoix, Ellsworth, East Jordan, Central Lake, Eastport and Bellaire.
*A Christian preschool designed to help children grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
*Prayer is a very special part of a preschooler's day.
*Daily Spanish instruction